Haussmann's Paris

Haussmannian buildings

The haussmannian buildings are buildings distinctive by a style haussmannian's frontage, this one is make in cut stone. They were built in 1853 and during the 70 following years.

At the time, those buildings couldn't be taller than 6 stages. Inside, there is a ground floor, formed of a high ceiling, where most of the time businesses were received. The second floor is known as « noble » because of absence of lift at their construction. We can be find balconies and windowsframes richly decorated. Indeed, higher the storey was the more he was classed « poor » or « classic » because the riches couldn't have as ordeal to go up to the stairs and go so high. The third and fourth floors have only individual balconies, they are known as more classic. Finally, the fifth floor is completed by a continuous balcony and the last floor was used for attics or service apartment.

Today, these are the highest floors that have some value thanks to their incredible view of Paris.


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