We’ve started the travel with a lot of movements, first of all we (the Spanish) woke up at 7am to take the train from Zaragoza to Barcelona. During the ride, we have talked about Paris and how we imagined this city, the time flies and at 10am we were already in Barcelona. Before taking the plane to Paris, we ate in front of the planes which flied off. When it was time to go, our teacher Victoria was a little nervous but the fly went very well. At 4pm, we touched down to Paris, we took a taxi to go at the hotel but there were traffic jams so we arrived in downtown one hour later.  

Once arrived at the hotel, we have ordered our stuff and we went to dine and to see the Eiffel Tower. We went on the Place du Trocadéro, immediately Jaime bought a figurine from a man. After that, we went at the Eiffel Tower, but before going up Victoria realized that the tickets weren’t good so we had to switch them. After all, we went up in the Eiffel Tower and the view was awesome, we have made a lot of pictures. Finally, we went on the Champs Elysées and we had dinner at Quick. Then, we went back at the hotel to sleep. 


 After one hour of train journey from Le Creusot to Paris, we (the French) took the subway to drop off our stuff at the youth hostel and to meet our classmates. We had lunch together in a university restaurant “La Barge”, where we ate fries, pasta… When we left the restaurant, we have filmed the first scene of our serie, with Noémie and Mrs. Calvez. Then, we have taken the subway to go to “Les Invalides” where we visited the Petit Palais. We have seen works of art from Claude Monet or Edgar Degas. When we left the museum, we went through the garden of Tuileries, in front of the Louvre and the town hall. This evening, we ate at KFC, beside of the center Georges Pompidou. Finally, we went back at the youth hostel to sleep.


First, we woke up at 7am to get ready. We then had breakfast. Then we went back to our room to brush our teeth and finish getting ready. Then we took the subway. After 30 minutes of travel, we arrived at the Père Lachaise cemetery. We split into 5 groups to do an activity: it consisted of taking a photo with the graves that were related to our project ERASMUS +. The team that found the most graves was winning. After that, we went to eat in a university restaurant that was on a boat. In the afternoon, we took the subway to go to Montmartre. To get to the top, we climbed a lot of stairs but the view at the end was beautiful. We visited the interior of the Sacred Heart. Afterwards, we went walking in a small neighborhood: so we enjoyed eating a pancake. At 4.30pm, we went to the Montmartre Museum where there are: paintings by different artists and a reconstruction of Suzanne Valadon's studio. On the way back, we went down to the mill of Galette and also on the Place Pigalle where is the Moulin Rouge. So we filmed our play and then, with Alejandro, Emma, ​​Jesus and Morgane, we went back to the mill of Galette to finish our room while the rest of the group was gone to eat by taking the subway. We all met on the place Pompidou to have a good meal. We ended the day on our way back to the hotel to rest.




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