Erasmus + project

Erasmus + project

Art and culture : building citizenship

The partner school

Our partner school, Colegio El Pilar HH. Maristas, located in Zaragoza in Spain, is a publicly-funded private education. It hosts 1116 students, 73 teachers et 10 administrative employees. It aims at promoting education for children and youths in every aspect of their personality.

Our highschool,  Julien Wittmer, has been collaborating with this school for a long time. Indeed, a student cultural exchange had been organized for many years so it was only natural that both schools were keen on strengthening their links through a European project. 

Description of the  project

And that is how our Eramus + project was born : the aime is to offer students from both schools an ambitious European project to show them that what they learn at school goes far beyond the French and Spanish borders and aims at building citizenship.

What we want is to focus on art in the broad sens (literatue, painting, cinema, architecture, photography…) to show students that far from being a useless luxury out of touch with reality, it reflects an outlook on the world and symbolises the different historical steps in the building of a European citizenship. The purpose of this work, which is both historical and philosophical, is to show how France and Spain have influenced each other to build a shared culture without denying their own identity. So the goal is to show that countries grow together and enrich each other thanks to cultural exchanges.


The exchange trips

The four main exchange trips follow the same pattern : it starts with the discovery of a city about which information is collected during visits to feed the project and continues in the partner school where the information is used to complete the final version of the project. 

In the chronological order :

  • Paris / Charolles : Inauguration of the project :  it deals with the journey of the avant-garde artistes who ended up in France, where they forged their new artistic identity
  • Barcelone / Saragosse : Study on the impact of French avant-garde artistic movements in Spain. Visits of the emblematic places of the universal exposition in Barcelona
  • Marseille / Charolles : Study on French avant-garde artistic movements in Spain and discovery of the works of major artists of the beginning of the twentieth century (Dali, Picasso, Bunuel, Breton…) to show their new vision on art reflects an openness to world which will influence the whole of Europe.
  • Madrid / Saragosse : Discovery of Picasso’s works. Bunuel, as a film director who embodies this mix of cultures, will be the focus of an activity. Study on the impact of these artists on the culture of both countries and the whole of Europe.


The productions

There are various productions : a newspaper, a website, artworks (sketches, drawings, photographs…), a short film. The goal is to allow students to use different approaches to deal with our subject.


The team

Different teachers take part in the project : Spanish, English, history-geography and philosophy teachers. Such a diversity allows them to share their various skills to enrich the global project.

As far as students are concerned, 25 of them are involved in the project. They were chosen according to their motivation, which was almost the only criterion. 

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